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Living Spaces that

Reflects Class

BIAZA Floor Tiles

Biaza floor tiles - exquisite designs with technological expertise. Each tile is crafted with modern technology and high with high quality. created to subtly add value to every space.

Living Room Floor Tiles

Outdoor Floor Tiles

Bed Room Floor Tiles

Porch & Parking Floor Tiles

Wash Room Floor Tiles

Landscaping Floor Tiles

BIAZA Wall Tiles

Biaza wall tiles are made with perfection, and ensured with quality (strong, durable, & easy to maintain). Each tile is an masterpiece, inspired with timeless shapes, forms and patterns the every foundation of art.

Living Room Wall Tiles

Wash Room Wall Tiles

Bed Room Wall Tiles

Outdoor Wall Tiles

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Decorative Wall Tiles

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When innovative ideas blends with quality the name BIAZA comes. Through out the year of our experience we are not ready to compromise the quality that assures the modern day living standards.